Friday, August 30, 2013

:sudah tampal wajib baca:

assalamualaikum seme +____+
tadi masa tengah membizikan diri sendiri
dengan print report (report lah sangat kan haha)
aku amik kesempatan print doa

tujuan aku print doa nih seme sebab
aku nak tampal kat cpu komputer aku nih
tujuan aku tampal sebab senang aku nak baca
sambil bekerja melagha boleh aku toleh dan baca jap

lepas print mengigih ler aku tampal hehe
konon macam susah sangat ler nak tampal kan
padahal gunting dan tampal je pon 
tapi aku punye cerita macam susah nau nak buat kan
eh memang susah pun (padahal malas)
kalau senang dah lama dah ai buat tau hehehe

sebenarnya aku takde idea nak update ape
tapi diri nih nak jugak update blog nih
sebab tengok ader 6  CPUV tengah running
maka terjadilah entry yang takde isi sangat nih haha
 so doa dah tampal maka wajib baca tiap tiap hari tau

Friday, August 23, 2013

:cerita isteri yang suaminya syahid di Mesir:

 Amr with our daughter, Ruqaya.

Sister Asmaa Hussein

Teaching myself how not to lose hope: Amr Kassem 1987-2013

"Think not of those who are killed in the Way of Allah as dead. Nay, they are alive, with their Lord, and they have provision. They rejoice in what Allah has bestowed upon them of His Bounty and rejoice for the sake of those who have not yet joined them, but are left behind (not yet martyred) that on them no fear shall come, nor shall they grieve. They rejoice in a Grace and a Bounty from Allah, and that Allah will not waste the reward of the believers." (Ale Imran; 169-171)

 My husband, Amr Mohamed Kassem who was 26 years old, returned to his Lord on Friday after Asr. He was shot through his chin and the bullet exited the back of his neck. He was at a protest in Alexandria, calling for justice for all those who had been killed mercilessly by the army in the previous days and weeks all over Egypt.

Yesterday morning I went to the morgue at a nearby hospital in Alexandria to see Amr before he would be washed and buried in the next few hours. When I arrived, there were many people waiting outside the doors to see their own family members as many people were killed the same day as Amr. Some of Amr's friends and relatives were there, too. After waiting for a while, I entered the room where his body was lying on a table, covered by a long blanket. I stood beside him and uncovered his face, and there he was, my love, lying there cold even though I had seen him strong and happy and smiling less than 24 hours before that moment. I stroked his beard, part of it was still soft, but part of it felt hard because of the dried up blood. His nose was bloodied and he had a cut beside his eye but he was beautiful, even in death - silent as though sleeping. I touched his lips and his cheeks, they were cold.

I stood there for some time looking at his face, feeling as though my heart was being repeately run over by a truck. I refused to cry loudly but tears were streaming down my cheeks, and I told him "I love you Amr, I know that you always wanted to die for the sake of Allah, and you got what you always hoped for inshaAllah, and I'm so proud of you. Ya Allah forgive his sins and accept him as a shaheed and reunite me with him in the hereafter. Ya Allah make me patient in knowing that it was his appointed time and that, by Your will and Grace, he is alive with his You as a shaheed." I didn't leave him until I was ready, I'm not even sure how long I was standing there. At the end, I kissed his cheek and told him that I would see him later inshaAllah, then covered his face and left the room.

The janaza was after Asr, there were hundreds of people there - his friends, his colleagues from school, extended family. He was a very beloved person to many. There was no dry eye, but everyone was speaking only good words and saying Alhamdulillah that Allah took him in the best way anyone can die in this world. We prayed on him, and I went outside to see a crowd of hundreds of men carrying his shrouded body towards the cemetary. The women didn't follow, we were waiting until he was buried to go to his grave and make duaa. After some time, his mother and I and some female relatives walked towards to cemetary and were making our way to where he was. 

Suddenly I notice all the men around me yelling for us to go out the side door, to run. I didn't understand what was happening but I started hearing loud bangs behind me, rocks being thrown at us and all the men telling the women to run. So I ran and ran without looking behind me, I was hit on my cheek by a large rock while I was running, but alhamdulillah, some of Amr's friends saw me and told me to run ahead of them so they could be behind me and make sure nothing happened to me. The people who attacked us were thugs who had heard there was an "ikhwani" funeral (although my husband was not from the ikhwan, he was just a religious man who believed in something called right and wrong). Many people were injured, some with stab wounds, but as far as I know, there were no causualties alhamdulillah.

Even in death, Amr's enemies hated him and all those around him! But their hate means nothing to me, after all if an enemy of God hates you, then that is a sign that you are, God-willing) on the right path
Dear friends, my heart aches in a way I never knew a heart could ache. I miss him whenever I am awake and dream about him when I'm asleep. He was the best kind of husband a woman could ever hope for, kind, generous, soft and loving, but also strong and brave. His clothes are still hung up on the hooks in our room, as though he's going to walk through the door and change into his pyjamas before he sleeps. His friend gave me Amr's wallet and cell phone at the janaza, but his wedding band was missing, we still don't know where it is...I wish that I had it.

But through all this, I can't say anything except innalillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un, and continue to make duaa for him. I refuse to dishonour him or myself by asking God "why" he took him or thinking "if only he hadn't gone to the protest on Friday, he would be alive." No, it was Amr's time to return to Allah, I know that beyond a shadow of a doubt. And although I wish I had more time with him in the dunya, I sincerely look forward to reuniting with him and being his wife, if God allows me, in paradise. In jannah time does not end, there is no fear of being separated from your loved ones. I believe with every inch of my that our love was truly a love that can last from this world to the next.

Ya Allah, You reunited Musa's mother with him after she put him in the river, ya Allah You reunited Yaqoub with his beloved son Yusuf after many years of painful separation. Ya Allah You are the Only One who can reunite me with my beloved in the hereafter, so Allah I ask you to not prevent me from being with him again.

Last night after we came home, we received a call from a friend of a relative - someone who had witnessed first hand what happened to Amr after he was shot. She told us that he didn't die right away, he was alive for a few moments. His left hand was holding his chin where the bullet had entered, and his right index finger went up, and he said clearly "ashhadu anna la illaha ilAllah, wa ashhadu ana Muhammadun rasoolullah" and he had a huge smile on his face, as though it was his wedding day. When I heard this, I couldn't help but cry that Allah had honoured me just by letting me know this wonderful person and allowing me to have his child.

My friends, your words of encouragement have not gone unnoticed. I have nothing but love and respect for you all, and I know now so much more than before that as Muslims, although we have many faults in our community, when we come together we are truly a force to be reckoned with. Your support and love and duaa have touched me greatly. I will undoubtedly need your continued duaa and support when I return to Canada inshaAllah.

I ask Allah to let me never stray from His path, for my own sake and my daugher's, and also for Amr's sake - to honour him in the way that Allah chose for him to die.

Ya 7abibi ya Amr. Ya 7abibi ya Amr. Ya 7abibi ya Amr. I hope that right now your soul is in a green bird, and you are flying through Jannah, eating and drinking from its provisions and are close to the throne of Allah, where you will never shed another tear or ever feel any sense of loss or suffering. You are my love in this world and the next inshaAllah, you are in my heart always, you are in my prayers always.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

:dua kilo:

semalam aku pegi buat maternity checkup
semuanya ok tau kecuali
KECUALI berat aku naik DUA KILO

banyak beb DUA KILO dalam masa 3 minggu
nak kata aku makan banyak takde lah sangat
mungkin sebab Hari Raya kot
yerppp sekali lagi salahkan Hari Raya
sebab semua rumah yang aku pegi berhari raya
makanannya  adelah sedap sedap belaka
mana tahan beb takat tengok ambik bau saja haha
makan sikit tak best..kene makan banyak baru best
(baru baby dalam perut tak meragam hehe)
masa tue makan nak best saje +______+
 pastu sekarang padankan muka sendiri

so sekarang aku kene kawal pemakanan aku
sebab dalam masa dua minggu akan datang
aku kene pegi buat checkup lagi ( 20 weeks)
hopefully masa tue nanti berat aku tak naik sangat
berharaplah sangat nie huhuhuhu

Monday, August 19, 2013

:cerita aku:

semua orang ader cerita nak cerita pasal raya
aku jek yang takde nak cerita pape pun
aku rasa raya tahun nih lah paling sadis buat aku
sebab aku tak dapat nak menikmati keseronokannya
takpelah insyaALLAh tahun depan kalau
umur ku panjang akan ku balas dendam hahaha

bukan takat nak cerita raya
tapi nak cerita pape pun selain raya
aku takde mood +_________+
sungguh takde mood

weekend baru nih aku mengagahkan diri
mengemas rumah sebaik yang mungkin
yelahkan hari raya kan sebulan so
manalah tau kot kot ade yang nak datang rumah aku
baik aku kemas siap siap............
nanti kang takdelah termalu sebab rumah bersepah
tapi kalau takde orang datang pun takpe
yang penting rumah aku dah kemas
dah sempurna menunggu ketibaan tetamu je

tahun nih jugak aku takde buat "open house"
alasan aku masih sama iaitu tak larat
tapi kalau sesape nak mai beraya tue boleh je
rumah aku terbuka jek untuk tetamu
yelahkan tetamu datang membawa rezeki ye dak
tapi awas kalau nak datang kene msg aku dulu 
mana lah tau kan tetiba ai takde kat rumah ke hehe
oklah takat tue jelah cerita yang aku boleh cerita pun
sebenarnya nak update benda lain
tapi entah macam mana tercipta nya pulak entry nih

Friday, August 16, 2013

:mengandung kali ketiga:

yeeee ramai yang dah boleh teka
dan ramai yang sudah tahu
tapi aku tak pernah buat entry khas
cuma nya aku berkias kias jelah
yang paham bahasa kiasan tue bagus
tapi yang tak paham tue sorry lah eh

yerp uolls seme....syukur alhamdulillah 
aku mengandung buat kali yang ketiga
kandungan aku pun dah nak masuk 5 bulan
my edd pulak 21 January 2014 insyaALLAH

aku bukan nak sorok ke hape
cuma keadaan aku tak mengizinkan aku
untuk bagitau pada uolls seme
trimester pertama aku memang mencabar
dan sekarang alhamdulillah 
keadaan kesihatan aku semakin baik :)
papepun alhamdulillah alhamdulillah
syukur sangat dengan kurniaan ALLAH s.w.t

Thursday, August 15, 2013

:syukur rezeki dari ALLAH:

pestime iolls dapat cek nuffnang tau
dapatnya dah lama tapi sekarang 
baru nak kongsi dengan uolls semua +____+

amount takde hebat sangat macam redmummy tue
tapi syukur alhamdulillah ler kan

penat lelah blogging terbalas jua akhirnya
 penat lelah ape pun aku tak tau ler
sebab aku blog ape yang aku nak blog
benda merapu merapan pun aku duk blog
kesian sangatttttt okeh orang yang mai baca tue

ekceli aku dah cash kan dah cek nih
cuma duitnya belum digunakan lagiiiiiii
ingat nak beli sumthing sebagai kenang kenangan
tapi still tak tahu ape kebenda nya "sumthing" tue
takpe slow slow boleh pikirkan ape yang nak dibeli hehe
*syukur alhamdulillah dengan rezeki yang diberikan olehNYA

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

:kisah raya dan jatuh bilik air:


baru harinie masuk keje
ikutkan semalam sudah keje
tapi ai is mc sebab nya hari isnin
tue aku jatuh bilik air
masa lepas jatuh takde rasa pape
tapi biler semalam bangun pagi mahu pegi keje
tetiba terasa sakit di bawah perut aku nih
nak berjalan pun sakit tau
so pegi klinik cek pape yang patut
alhamdulillah everything fine tapi
doctor bagi aku mc sehari supaya berehat di rumah

raya uolls macam mana eh?
raya aku biasa biasa saja....takde gambar pun
sebab aku takde mood nak bergambar tau
beraya tetap beraya cuma gambarnya nan hado
takpelah eik..raya kan sebulan
mana lah tau tetiba ade mud nak bergambar
ade lah modal aku nak tepek kat blog nih
sementara tue korang hadaplah cerita 
tanpa bergambar dari aku heheehehe

Monday, August 5, 2013

:persiapan raya yang so so saje:

assalamualaikum seme +______+
hyep korang seme, yeah ai is kerja harinie.....
walaupun hari raya bakal menjelma lagi 3 hari

raya tahun nih giliran kampung suami
iaitu di kijal terengganu
jauh eh nak balik, tapi aku tetap
jugak balik pada hari sehari sebelum raya
so uolls seme camner persiapan raya
aku tahun nih persiapan raya so so saje
sebab ape so so eh?
sebab aku takde mud sangat nak raya
plus kesihatan diri yang sekejap ok sekejap xok

tapi papepun kuih raya tetap ader
kerepek raya tetap ader
duit raya pun tetap ader
rumah pun tetap berkemas
walau takde perabot or langsir baru hehe
semuanya tetap ader cumanya
disediakan secara sederhana sajeeee
yang beria nya persiapan untuk mirza saje
yelahkan budak budak....teruja sungguh nak beraya
tiap tiap hari pun tanya aku biler nak raya haha

Saturday, August 3, 2013

:saya dah besar:

alhamdulillah perkembangan mirza sekarang
 & juga tak pakai botol lagi biler nak minum susu
saya sekarang minum susu pakai cawan saje
takpe saya ok saya dah besar

sekejap je aku rasa masa berlalu
mirza sudah besar sudah 3 tahun 4 bulan
tahun depan INSYAALLAH mirza akan jadi abang long

aku bersyukur pada MU YA ALLAH
walau kehidupan aku penuh dengan dugaan
aku masih mampu berbahagia
aku masih mampu tersenyum
sebab aku percaya setiap
 perkara  yang berlaku ader hikmahnya

Friday, August 2, 2013

:buka-tak update-tutup semula:

assalamualaikum seme +_______+
lama benor aku tak update eh
bukan sebab takde idea tapiiiiii
sebab kemalasan aku di tahap yang tinggi
dan disertakan pulak kesihatan diri yang
tak begitu memberangsangkan
tapi itu tak bermakna aku dah hilang minat pada blog

aku masih lagi minat cuma mood
nak menulis itu berkurangan hehehehe
so dalam masa aku berhibernate itu
aku ader je duk berblogwalking di blog korang
cumanya aku tak tinggalkan sebarang jejak je
masa itu aku dah semacam silent reader
baca senyap senyap pastu blah tengok blog lain pula

ramai dah duk mesej aku tanya aku
eh beb tak update blog ke?
eh mun kenapa kamu dah lama tak update?
sampaikan ader yang tanya kat aku
mun ko dah nak tutup blog ko ker
sebab asal aku bukak je takde update
pastu dengan hampa aku tutup semula

sobs sobs sedih pulak aku tengok korang
asyik ler bukak blog aku nak tengok cite terbaru
tapi sudahnya nan hado hehehehe

sorry yeee korang korang seme +________+
lepas ini INSYAALLAH kalau
kesihatan aku mengizikan dan aku terlebih rajin
macam hari ini (sebab itu taip entry panjang2)
akan aku update tiap tiap hari heheheh

:ada apa dengan hari ini:

 dua hari bulan lapan dua ribu tiga belas
genap aku tiga puluh tahun
yeah selamat hari lahir MUN

semoga ALLAH murahkan rezeki aku
semoga ALLAH panjangkan umur aku
semoga ALLAH bahagiakan kehidupan aku
semoga ALLAH makbulkan setiap doa aku

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