Thursday, July 22, 2010


22 July 2010


You've been by my side since I was small
Whenever I needed you I just had to call
You've nursed my wounds and soothed my fears
Healed my heart and wiped away my tears
You've shared my laughter and life's many joys
Put up with me rebellion and all of my noise
On this special day I cannot express
How my thoughts turn to you as I put on this dress
All that you've taught me has brought me here
Knowing you're at my side I feel no fear
Times may change but hearts never do
It may seem I'm moving on but I'll always love you
My Husband's love will complete my life
With all you've taught me I'll be a good wife
As I take this step and walk down this aisle
I'll think of you and can't help but smile
I can't thank you enough for all of your time
My heart will always be with Mother of mine

happy birthday to my mom...
Fauziah Bt Abd Latif

*tak tahu nak bagi ape..last-last bagi seutas jam tangan..harap-harap mak suka lah..


Ruzanna said...

ooo bln ni bday mak mun ek next month mun lak hehe kl mun bg mak mun jam, mak mun bg mun pe la plak ek hehe

Ruzanna said...

nm mak mun cm penyanyi fauziah latif la hehe glamor

mun said...

ruzanna:entahle...tak bg pape pown takpe...nm jer mcm bukan artis pown..

Mademoiselle Ctiey said...

Wah... macam Fauziah Latif lak nama mak mun.. Kalo bukan artis pun takpe mun.. janji mak mun artis di hati mun.. hehe.. Happy Belated birthday to mak mun... Semoga kalian gembira dan bahagia sentiasa...

mun said...

ctiey:hehehe.korang tak tahu lg eik...tengkiu ct for the wishes...

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